Previously QBC Diagnostics and the Drucker Company


Drucker Diagnostics Dry hematology analyzers, including the QBC STAR and the Autoread Plus, utilize the benefits of QBC analysis to offer the world's only true dry hematology review. This provides a point-of-care complete blood count in a simple, robust format without the need for liquid reagents.

We also offer a growing line of cutting edge fluorescence microscopy products. The ParaLens Advance microscope attachment uses a bright, durable LED light source to easily and affordably transform any compound light microscope into a fluorescence microscope. The QBC Malaria Test and F.A.S.T.™ (Fluorescence and Staining Technologies) AFB and Malaria Staining Kits provide rapid, sensitive fluorescent staining and processing supplies for infectious diseases, such as malaria and tuberculosis. These products can be combined with a microscope, centrifuge, or multiple power options to create a simple fluorescence microscopy solution to meet any lab's needs.

Having provided clinical laboratory centrifuges since 1932, the Horizon brand of centrifuges continues the long standing tradition of providing the widest range and most cost effective centrifuge products available in the market. From the patented horizontal rotor to the simple one button operation, it's no wonder Drucker Diagnostics is the brand of choice amongst tens of thousand of users.

The SampleSafe Lock Box, with it's unique insulated and molded design provides superior sample protection, making traditional steel lock boxes a thing of the past.


Markets Served

Ducker Diagnostics hematology products address point-of-care physician's offices, urgent care centers, the military, cruise ships, embassies, remote locations, reference labs, and growing clinical lab settings. Drucker Diagnostics fluorescence microscopy products have a broad array of uses, including clinical, analytical, and research applications