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The QBC STAR Automated Hematology Analyzer

Automated Hematology Analysis

Whether you are working in a remote laboratory or in the field, fast, accurate hematology analysis is an essential aid to testing and diagnosing at the point of care. Investing in an automated hematology analyzer can provide immediate and critical information, helping you intervene more effectively and improving patient outcomes.

Since fully automated hematology analyzers have been available for some time now, the market has many options with a range of available parameters and additional features. Your choice of machine can greatly impact your ability to obtain accurate, fast and automated CBC test results in a variety of environments.

To meet the needs of a wide range of testing locations, in 2013 Drucker Diagnostics introduced the newest version of the QBC STAR, our fully automated hematology analyzer. The QBC STAR employs a proprietary quantitative buffy coat analysis, which simplifies the testing process by eliminating the need for bulky diluents or reagents and is simple to set up and use.

Why QBC Automated Hematology Analyzers?

The QBC STAR automated hematology analyzers use a unique dry hematology technology. It takes advantage of the differing densities in blood components to separate into layers when centrifuged. The QBC STAR can perform an automated CBC analysis using as little as 70 microliters of capillary or venous blood in the QBC STAR Tubes that come dry-coated with all the needed reagents for immediate and automated testing.

Benefits of the QBC Automated Hematology Analyzers include:

  • Ease of use: QBC's dry hematology analyzers automate the hematology testing process, which makes them simple to train on and ease to use. Once a sample has been collected and mixed in the QBC STAR Tube, all that's required is to place the tube in the analyzer and press start — the QBC STAR fully automated hematology analyzer does the rest.
  • Portability: Because there is no need to transport bulky liquid diluents, reagents or other related testing materials, the QBC STAR hematology analyzers are highly portable. Weighing just 19 lbs., the machine is ideal for use on ships and in military hospitals and other remote environments. QBC STAR automated hematology analyzer is ready to check samples in minutes after start up. Simply plug the analyzer into an outlet and turn on. The fully automated device performs quality checks to ensure proper performance and lets the user know it is ready to process samples within minutes.
  • Simple to Support: The QBC STAR automated hematology analyzer can be easily and safely stored without complex shutdown and maintenance procedures or without the difficulties of flushing the system after an extended storage period. When CBC results are needed, our automated hematology analyzers can be ready to use in under 4 minutes regardless of the time since it was last used. The stability and longevity of our hematology disposables further contributes to the value of QBC STAR in the field, by simplifying the logistics while allowing the disposables for our automated hematology analyzers to be quickly replenished in case a large number of testing is suddenly required. The individually packaged QBC STAR Tubes used in our automated hematology analyzers last up to 18 months, which eliminates wasting reagents and diluents that don’t get used before expiration.

Current Locations

Convenient, automated, accurate and easy to use, the QBC STAR fully automated hematology analyzers are being used for CBC testing in the following locations:

  • Navy ships and submarines
  • Cruise ships
  • Military field hospitals
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Disaster relief pods
  • Rural clinics

Contact Drucker Diagnostics for More Information

To learn more about our automated hematology analyzers or for more information about the dry hematology testing process, contact a sales representative at You can also browse the Drucker Diagnostics website, where you'll find technical specifications, frequently asked questions, white papers and other information.