Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, September 1, 2011 - QBC Diagnostics is pleased to announce the availability of a new brochure for its line of F.A.S.T. AFB Kits.

The brochure is a full-color, 8-page guide that explores the many features and benefits of F.A.S.T. AFB Kits. F.A.S.T. AFB Kits feature a revolutionary 3-minute auramine stain that can be used to review tuberculosis samples with LED fluorescence microscopy, a technology recommended by the World Health Organization.

The new brochure can be viewed or downloaded on the F.A.S.T. AFB Kits literature webpage. Hard copy versions are available upon request by calling 814-692-7661 or e-mailing qbcsales@qbcdiag.com.