Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, June 12, 2012 - QBC Diagnostics, a global manufacturer of hematology and infectious disease diagnostics products, announced today the release of their new QBC FM Scan, a real-time fluorescence microscopy camera compatible with any microscope.

This new camera attachment is optimized for use with the QBC ParaLens Advance to capture high quality digital imaging of fluorescence microscopy samples. Easily installed into the ocular eye piece of any microscope, the FM Scan can easily capture both still and video images of stained samples, as well as recording real-time measurements and annotations. This information can then be quickly imported to patient records for accurate record keeping.

Although optimized for use with the QBC ParaLens Advance, the QBC FM Scan can equally be used on any fluorescence or light microscope with similar functionality.

"The QBC FM Scan brings ease of use and powerful imaging capability to the hands of laboratory personnel at an affordable cost. With the ability to quickly capture detailed micrographs and videos, the QBC FM Scan provides an extremely valuable tool for quality control and patient record keeping." said QBC Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager, Craig Stout.

When the QBC FM Scan is coupled with the QBC ParaLens Advance LED Fluorescence Microscope Attachment, the complete system offers a durable, cost-effective option for conducting fluorescence microscopy testing on virtually any microscope.

The new QBC FM Scan is immediately available for purchase, and any inquiries should be directed to the QBC Diagnostics sales team at qbcsales@qbcdiag.com or by calling +1-814-692-7661.