QBC Diagnostics Releases Bench Aid for TB Detection

Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, June 7, 2010 - QBC Diagnostics accounced today the release of a new, full color illustrated bench aid for use in the detection of tuberculosis.

The bench aid, which is released as part of the ParaWorld line of fluorescence microscopy training products, contains step-by-step instructions for detecting Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB), including M. tuberculosis, using QBC fluorescence microscopy products, such as the ParaLens Microscope Attachment and the F.A.S.T. (Fluorescence and Staining Technologies) AFB Smear Kits.

Craig Stout, QBC Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager, said, "Our goal with our ParaWorld line of products is to educate users worldwide about the benefits of fluorescence microscopy. These user guides explain, in a universally understandable format, how our products can simplify and expedite their review process."

The AFB bench aid is available from QBC Diagnostics in several formats. Electronic copies of the guide are available on www.qbcdiagnostics.com and hard copies are available by calling +1-814-692-7661.

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