Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, July 29, 2010 - QBC Diagnostics continued its support of the goals of the Nyaya Health organization with the donation of 1,000 AccuTubes earlier this summer.

Nyaya Health is a non-profit organization that operates a hospital and several medical centers in Achham, Nepal, one of the poorest areas in South Asia. QBC Diagnostics previously donated an Autoread Plus hematology system, which works with the AccuTubes to detect several conditions, including anemia, traumatic injuries, and appendicitis.

"The Autoread Plus and cuvettes donated by QBC Diagnostics have helped us to sustain a level of quality laboratory services that would be otherwise impossible," noted Dan Schwarz, Nyaya Health Executive Director. "Given our human resources shortages in the rural areas, we operate with only one lab tech, and he was simply not capable of performing the number of tests that our clinical load demands. With the donation of the QBC Autoread, however, we have been able to increase our overall lab productivity with only minimal maintenance and an impressive amount of convenience."

For more information on the QBC Autoread and AccuTubes, please consult each product's webpages. For more details on the mission of the Nyaya Health organization, consult their website at http://www.nyayahealth.org/.