Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, September 5, 2012 - QBC Diagnostics, a global manufacturer of hematology and infectious disease diagnostics equipment, announced today they will be attending the 2012 PSS World Medical National Sales meeting in Orlando, Florida, on September 9, 2012.

During the meeting, QBC Diagnostics will introduce PSS representatives to the recently improved 2012 QBC STAR Centrifugal Hematology System, which now includes Laboratory Information System connectivity and USB ports for simple peripheral connections. The QBC STAR's unique dry hematology approach offers a high degree of flexibility in a compact and low maintenance system, which makes it the ideal complete blood count solution for the point-of-care environment.

QBC will also be displaying their newest addition to their complete fluorescence microscopy product line, the QBC FM Scan. The QBC FM scan is a high resolution digital camera which easily attaches to the eyepiece of any microscope and takes both still and video capture of any sample under review. When used with the QBC ParaLens Advance, the two products easily allow any laboratory to upgrade their light microscope into a fully functional fluorescent microscope at an affordable price.

QBC Diagnostics will be displaying alongside its sister company, The Drucker Company, and both organizations can be found at booth #928.