Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, November 16, 2009 - QBC Diagnostics, a manufacturer of hematology and tropical disease diagnostics, announced today the availability of several Fluorescence Microscopy training resources to provide guidance on using the ParaLens™ epi-fluorescence Microscope Attachment to detect malaria and other blood borne parasites as well as tuberculosis and other acid fast organisms.

The training resources have been designed to assist users in proper sample preparation, specimen handling, slide preparation, staining techniques, cell morphology, quality assurance, and reporting.

QBC Diagnostics offers 2-day on-site and in-house training programs in which participants will receive an official QBC Fluorescence TB Microscopy certification upon completion. In addition, bench aids, web resources and instructional DVDs are also available.

Craig Stout, General Manager and Vice President said, "QBC Diagnostics is pleased to provide an extremely valuable and complete training offering to complement our recently introduced Fluorescence and Staining Technologies (F.A.S.T.™) products. Now users can invest in QBC Diagnostics equipment for the detection of TB and malaria and can also receive instructional training on the use of fluorescence microscopy as a diagnostic tool, all from a single source."