Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, May 25, 2011 - QBC Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of its new online Inter-Lab Quality Control (ILQC) program, a free quality assurance program for QBC hematology control users.

The ILQC program allows users to record the values from each control sample used in the QBC STAR or QBC Autoread Plus analyzers in a secure online database. Shortly after the expiration date of each control lot, reports of all results will be created for use in electronic or printed format.

The ILQC program is designed to assist users in maintaining CLIA compliance as part of their ongoing quality assurance program. The reports offered include statistical comparisons of control lot data values against assay values, peer group analysis, historical recaps, and Levey-Jennings charts.

To access the QBC ILQC program, visit us online at http://www.qbcdiagnostics.com/ILQC. For other questions about the service, please contact our Technical Support department at +1-866-265-1486 (U.S. only) or qbcsupport@qbcdiag.com.