Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, March 19, 2010 - QBC Diagnostics, a manufacturer of hematology and microbiology diagnostic products, announced today the publication of a new application note for the combined usage of the QBC ParaLens Microscope Attachment with the QBC Malaria Tests.

The QBC ParaLens is a revolutionary microscope attachment that can provide LED-based fluorescence microscopy capabilities to all standard light microscopes. The new application note explains how the capabilities of the ParaLens can quickly and accurately detect the presence of Malaria parasites when used with the QBC Malaria Test, a unique capillary tube-based malaria diagnostic tool that reduces preparation time and increases sensitivity compared to standard thick and thin films.

Craig Stout, General Manager and Vice President, said, "We are all aware that Malaria continues to be one of the world's most devastating diseases. The only way to stop its harmful effects is through early detection and the timely use of anti-malarial medication. This application note will help users of the ParaLens and the QBC Malaria Tests to better understand how these powerful technologies can work together to provide fast and accurate malaria detection."

The QBC ParaLens/QBC Malaria Test application note is available by request or on the QBC Diagnostics website on the Literature tab at http://www.druckerdiagnostics.com/fluorescent-microscopy/qbc-malaria-test-category/qbc-malaria-tests.html. The ParaLens is available for purchase with three different objectives, as well as a portability pack with options for powering the ParaLens LED light source in remote locations. The QBC Malaria Test is available in boxes of 100, 250, and 2000 test kits.