Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, June 7, 2010 - QBC Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of the SureFocus Microscope Slide, a breakthrough in the detection of tuberculosis bacteria.

The SureFocus slide is a high-grade glass microscope slide that is printed with a patent pending, crosshair-styled smear guide. The guide contains a dye that fluoresces under the same light wavelengths that excite Auramine stains, which are used to stain tuberculosis Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) for review with fluorescence microscopes.

The dye allows the guide to remain visible during the review process, providing users with visual confirmation that samples remain in focus throughout review. The SureFocus smear guide also provides landmarks for a review path that, when followed, meets World Health Organization requirements for total fields viewed during sample grading.

Craig Stout, QBC Diagnostics General Manager and Vice President, said, "Users of the SureFocus Slide will experience added confidence, knowing that they are reviewing TB samples properly. We believe that this slide will be a tremendous help to both those just learning to use fluorescence microscopy for AFB detection, as well as those with years of experience."

The SureFocus Microscope Slide is available individually in boxes of 432 slides, or as part of QBC's line of Fluorescence and Staining Technologies (F.A.S.T.) AFB Smear Kits. For more information, consult http://www.druckerdiagnostics.com/fluorescent-microscopy/fast-afb-kits/qbc-fast-afb-smear-kits.html or call +1-814-692-7661.