Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, July 15, 2010 - QBC Diagnostics is pleased to announce the release of a new training video for Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB) Detection using LED-based Fluorescence Microscopy.

The video, entitled "ParaLens and AFB Detection", shows users how to use the ParaLens Microscope Attachment and the F.A.S.T. AFB Kits to detect AFB, specifically M. tuberculosis, the causative agent of tuberculosis. It walks users step-by-step through the installation of the ParaLens, slide preparation, F.A.S.T. staining, and specimen review.

Craig Stout, QBC Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager, said, "The ParaLens and the F.A.S.T. AFB Kits are designed to increase the speed and accuracy of AFB detection for users worldwide. This video will help to show how easy it is to implement these revolutionary products."

To view the "ParaLens and AFB Detection" video online, please visit our ParaWorld training resources tab at http://www.druckerdiagnostics.com/fluorescent-microscopy/paraworld/qbc-paraworld.html. The video is also available in a DVD format upon request.