Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, January 19, 2011 - QBC Diagnostics is pleased to offer a new bench aid to assist users of the QBC Malaria Test in the detection of malaria parasites.

The bench aid, which is offered as part of the ParaWorld line of fluorescence microscopy training resources, contains step-by-step, illustrated instructions on system setup, parasite detection, and speciation using the test.

Craig Stout, QBC Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager, said, "The QBC Malaria Test is respected around the world for its advances in malaria detection. This bench aid can help both new and experienced users to make the most of its unmatched blend of speed and sensitivity."

The malaria bench aid is available for download on the ParaWorld Bench Aids webpage. Hard copies of the bench aid are available upon request online, or by calling +1-814-692-7661.