Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, October 23, 2012 - QBC Diagnostics, a global manufacturer of hematology and infectious disease diagnostics equipment, announced today the release of a new Tech Tip, entitled "What is Dry Hematology?", which describes the principle behind dry hematology and the many benefits it provides.

QBC Tech Tips is a series of one page documents which cover a wide range of frequently asked technical support questions in a simple question and answer format. These documents are aimed at helping QBC Diagnostics customers maximize the utility of their instruments, as well as troubleshooting a number of frequently asked questions.

Tech Tip #2: What is Dry Hematology?, is now available for download through the QBC website at http://www.druckerdiagnostics.com/media/wysiwyg/pdf/TechTips_DryHematology.pdf.

To view the entire Hematology Tech Tips series, please visit the Literature tab at http://www.druckerdiagnostics.com/hematology/qbc-star/qbc-star-centrifugal-hematology-analyzer.html.