Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, March 22, 2012 - QBC Diagnostics announced today its plans to exhibit at the 2012 meeting of the Society of Armed Forces Medical Laboratory Scientists (SAFMLS) in Memphis, Tennessee, from April 3-4. QBC will be displaying both its QBC STAR and ParaLens Advance at the event.

The QBC STAR provides a 9-parameter complete blood count through its patented dry hematology approach, which eliminates the need for liquid reagents in the system. Because of this unique technology, the STAR is an ideal diagnostic instrument for use in the extreme conditions experienced by armed forces around the globe. In August of 2010, the United States Navy purchased and installed STAR analyzers on the majority of its surface vessels, and last April re-ordered a large number of analyzers for their submarine fleet.

QBC also boasts a line of fluorescence microscopy products, including the ParaLens Advance LED fluorescence microscopy attachment and Fluorescence Staining and Technologies (F.A.S.T.) AFB Kits, designed to make the adoption of fluorescence microscopy easier and more affordable for users everywhere.

QBC Diagnostics can be found at Booth 329 during the event.