Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, May 14, 2012 - QBC Diagnostics, a global manufacturer of hematology and infectious disease diagnostics equipment, announced today the international release of their new Synthetic Control Kit, a three level control system designed to ensure the precision and accuracy of the QBC Autoread Plus hematology system. Laboratory control systems are primarily used as an external validation tool to determine that an instrument is producing accurate and reliable data. While many international governing bodies do not yet require health care providers to validate their laboratory's instrument accuracy, the use of control systems are generally accepted as good laboratory practice to ensure accurate diagnoses are being given to patients.

Designed specifically for use with the QBC AccuTube used in the Autoread Plus, the new Synthetic Control Kit will provide improved temperature stability and increased shelf life compared to porcine controls.

"With the increased shelf life and the room temperature stability that comes with using synthetic materials, we're now able to offer our international customers the added comfort and security of knowing their Autoread Plus is providing the utmost quality of results," said QBC Diagnostics General Manager and Vice President, Craig Stout.

The QBC Autoread Plus offers a durable, cost-effective option for conducting hematology testing in virtually any setting. Found in a variety of point of care settings around the globe, it has over a decade long proven track record of providing extremely reliable 9-parameter complete blood count results in some of the world's harshest environments. The new synthetic controls are immediately available for purchase, and any inquiries should be directed to qbcsales@qbcdiag.com.