Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, May 4, 2010 - QBC Diagnostics, a leading manufacturer of Fluorescence Microscopy products, is pleased to announce that it has been named an official partner of the Stop TB Partnership.

The Stop TB Partnership is a network of more than 1,000 organizations with the common purpose of eliminating the tuberculosis threat worldwide. The partnership, which is housed by the World Health Organization, seeks to promote advances in TB diagnosis and treatment as part of a multi-stage approach to achieving its overall goal.

Craig Stout, QBC Diagnostics Vice President and General Manager, said, "QBC Diagnostics has been working tirelessly to develop products that improve the speed and accuracy of TB detection through the use of fluorescence microscopy. Becoming a partner in the Stop TB Partnership further indicates our support of the mission of the organization and our advocacy for the elimination of TB as a worldwide health threat."

For more information about QBC Diagnostics and its line of tuberculosis products, please visit http://www.druckerdiagnostics.com/. For information on the Stop TB Partnership, consult www.stoptb.org.