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  • Model 614B Centrifuge

    Model 614B Centrifuge

    The Model 614B is our most affordable fixed-angle centrifuge. Using advanced engineering materials and an advanced cooling system, the 614B provides high-quality fixed-angle separations for the physician’s office or small lab.

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  • Model 614M Centrifuge

    Model 614M Centrifuge

    Details coming soon

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  • Model 642B Centrifuge

    Model 642B Centrifuge

    The Model 642B is our most affordable horizontal centrifuge but still includes all of the benefits of Drucker’s horizontal sample processing. Using our patented horizontal rotor technology, advanced engineering materials, and an advanced cooling system, the 642B ensures that high quality sample separations are achieved & maintained throughout sample transport and analysis.

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  • Model 642E Centrifuge

    Model 642E Centrifuge

    The Model 642E is designed to provide the ideal pre-analytic sample processing recommended by all blood collection tube manufacturers. Using patented rotor technology, the 642E reduces blood separation processing times by 33% while minimizing use of valuable counter space for the doctor’s office or lab. The performance of the 642E maximizes sample integrity by keeping your patient samples cool during centrifugation and providing a high quality gel seperation layer.

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  • Model 642M Centrifuge

    Model 642M Centrifuge

    The Mobile version of the world’s best selling horizontal clinical centrifuge. The simple “one-button” operation assures repeatable, reproducible, and high-quality analytic results every time.

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  • Model 642VES Centrifuge

    Model 642VES Centrifuge

    Use the versatile 642VES horizontal centrifuge for all your blood separations, urine sedimentation, fertility testing, and more!

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  • Model 642VFD Centrifuge

    Model 642VFD Centrifuge

    The Model 642VFD centrifuge starts with the world’s best selling Horizontal clinical centrifuge, adds performance, and retains simple “one-button” operation that assures repeatable, reproducible, and high quality analytic results every time.

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  • Model 642VFD Plus Centrifuge

    Model 642VFD Plus Centrifuge

    Process Blood and Urine Samples in one centrifuge! The Model 642VFD Plus is a two speed centrifuge designed to process blood & urine or fertility samples. Fully customizable to whatever g-force and time your applications require.

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  • Model 653ES Centrifuge

    Model 653ES Centrifuge

    Capable of accommodating up to 12 tubes, the Model 653ES centrifuge is Ideal for use in the medium sized clinical lab.

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  • Model 653V Centrifuge

    Model 653V Centrifuge

    The Model 653V centrifuge can accommodate up to 12 tubes in a horizontal rotor or 20 tubes in a fixed angle rotor. With precise variable speed control, electronic braking and an audible end of run indicator, the 653V provides versatility and high performance in a small footprint.

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  • Model 755 Centrifuge

    Model 755 Centrifuge

    The Model 755 horizontal centrifuge boasts a high capacity of (24) 10mL samples, (12) 15mL samples, or (6) 50mL samples in a compact footprint. It is designed for moderate to large labs where centrifugation settings are fixed for maximum reproducibility and repeatability.

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  • Model 755V-12 Centrifuge

    Model 755V Centrifuge

    The Model 755V horizontal centrifuge boasts a high capacity of (24) 10mL samples, (12) 15mL samples, or (6) 50mL samples in a compact footprint. It is designed for moderate to large labs where high volume, multiple applications, and various tube types are common. Variable-speed provides the flexibility needed for urinalysis, chemistry, and coagulation samples.

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  • Model 755VES Centrifuge

    Model 755VES Centrifuge

    The Model 755VES is supplied with everything necessary for the modern laboratory including a horizontal rotor, buckets, caps, and inserts for tubes ranging from .5 mL – 50 mL. Ideal for Serology, STAT, PPP, PRP, Coagulation, Clinical Chemistry, and more. The exclusive airflow and rotor design guarantees the highest quality sample separations and maintains the integrity of the most sensitive specimens.

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  • Model 842VES Centrifuge

    Model 842HS Centrifuge

    The Model 842HS offers rapid separation of micro tubes and hematocrit tubes in as little as 2 minutes.

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  • Model 842VES Centrifuge

    Model 842VES Centrifuge

    Reduce your Turn-Around-Time by up to 50%! The Horizon 842VES is a compact and high-performance centrifuge intended for STAT labs, PPP, sodium citrate tubes, or other standard blood collection tubes requiring high g-forces or rapid turn around times.

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  • Model 853VES Centrifuge

    Model 853VES Centrifuge

    Reduce your lab's Turn-Around-Time by up to 50% or more. Provide Stat chemistry results to your Emergency Department in as little as 25 minutes with Stat centrifuges in your lean process. The Model 853VES Stat centrifuge provides high performance, versatility, and quick results to meet the needs of the most demanding lean laboratories.

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Clinical Centrifuges

Drucker Diagnostics has been a leading centrifuge manufacturer for more than 80 years. Our Horizon line of centrifuges feature exclusive innovations that have revolutionized laboratory testing.

If you’re in the market for a centrifuge that will quickly and efficiently provide accurate results, contact our office directly to learn more about how our products can benefit you and your patients.

Tabletop Centrifuge Models

As one of the world’s leading centrifuge manufacturers, we offer a wide range of products to fulfill a variety of clinical applications. Our centrifuges fall into three categories:

  • Capillary micro centrifuges: Medical facilities will appreciate the QBC capillary centrifuge’s compact design and processing capability of up to 20 blood samples in just five minutes. The capillary centrifuge is used with our Autoread Plus Dry Hematology analyzer or the Malaria Test systems.
  • Horizontal centrifuge models: The majority of our table top centrifuge models utilize a horizontal rotor system to achieve high quality separations. Use them for blood, urine or general testing applications. The 642E, our best selling clinical lab centrifuge, features one button operation that provides instantly repeatable results, time after time.
  • Fixed angle bench top centrifuges: Drucker Diagnostics also sells several fixed angle high speed centrifuge models. Our 614B or 642VES compact centrifuge products are ideal for doctor’s offices, small laboratories and other applications.

Clinical Laboratory Centrifuge Accessories

Drucker Diagnostics provides a diverse and wide range of accessories. Follow the links provided above for more information about spacers, shield caps, tube holders, replacement rotors and other products that will help you get the most out of your Horizon centrifuge.

Product Support

Drucker Diagnostics’ standard two year warranty provides you with peace of mind and assurance that unlikely repairs are covered. Through our nationwide network of distributors, we can quickly answer any question that may arise. All our centrifuges are eligible for extended warranty coverage to ensure they continue delivering accurate performance even after years of use.

Private Labeling

Purchase a centrifuge from Drucker Diagnostics and we can create customized labeling with your company’s logo and design — contact our customer support department for more information!

Use Our Centrifuge Model Selector Tool

Use our centrifuge product selector tool to browse our current lineup of centrifuges. Better yet, call one of our authorized distributors directly and discover why we have been a leader among centrifuge suppliers since 1932.