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  • Model 614B Centrifuge

    Model 614B Centrifuge

    The Model 614B is our most affordable fixed-angle centrifuge. Using advanced engineering materials and an advanced cooling system, the 614B provides high-quality fixed-angle separations for the physician’s office or small lab.

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  • Model 642VES Centrifuge

    Model 642VES Centrifuge

    The Model 642VES provides the flexibility labs need for a wide variety of specimen types. Providing g-forces as low as 250xg for Platelet Rich Plasma or as high as 2,000xg for Platelet Poor Plasma, the 642VES provides the performance that clinical laboratories require. Programmable force and time settings are simple to use; a digital readout clearly displays the RPM and Time settings. Using patented technologies, the 642VES reduces blood separation processing times by 33% or more while minimizing use of valuable counter space. The performance of the 642VES maximizes sample Integrity by keeping your patient samples cool during centrifugation, providing high quality gel separation layers, and minimizing the presence of cells or fibrin strands in the serum or plasma. The universal power supply and global safety approvals allow the 642VES to meet your global needs.

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