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The Model 642E is the world’s best selling horizontal clinical centrifuge. The simple “one-button” operation assures repeatable, reproducible, and high quality analytic results every time.

Part Number : 642E

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Model 642E Centrifuge

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Interested in learning more about the Model 642E centrifuge? The following is an archive of currently available documents concerning the Model 642E:


642E Specification SheetProduct Data Sheet
A full color document describing the features, applications and accessories of the Model 642E.

English | Portuguese | Spanish


642E Operators Manual

Operator's Manual
Operator's manual for the Model 642E centrifuge for 115V, 60Hz operation.



SmartView Platform Brochure SmartView Platform Brochure
 Optional accessory for the 6-series Drucker centrifuges improves sight and access to the rotor  chamber and allows for easy  access when placed under the  counter.

642E White PaperWhite Paper
A white paper describing sample preparation for overnight storage/sample transportation using the Model 642E with thr 6-Place horizontal rotor. 

STAT Centrifugation Validation Boilerplates

Centrifugation Validation_MonoVette Gel Tube


   PDF: Centrifugation Validation_Vacutainer® Gel Tube

   Word File


Centrifugation Validation_Vacuette Gel Tube


   PDF: Centrifugation Validation_Vacuette® Gel Tube

   Word File


Centrifugation Validation_Vacutainer Gel Tube


   PDF: Centrifugation Validation_MonoVette® Gel Tube

   Word File



Declaration of Installation Qualifications for all Drucker Centrifuge Models

   Declaration of Installation Qualification


  Voltage 115 (± 10) Volts
  Frequency 60 Hz
  Max. Power Requirements 165 Watts
  Protection Breaker 4 Amp. Re–settable
  Centrifuge Motor 1/30 H.P. Brushless AC
  Overall Dimensions

Height: 8.75 in. (22 cm)
Width: 11.75 in. (30 cm)
Depth: 14 in. (35.5 cm)
  Weight 11 lbs. (4.9 kg) 
  Acceleration Time 10 seconds
  Deceleration Time 20 seconds
  Timer Electronic, 1 to 30 minutes, preset to 10 minutes
Speed  3380 (± 100) RPM with the 75mm (green) tube holder
3380 (± 100) RPM with the 100mm (red) tube holder
Force 1265 (± 90) x g with the 75mm (green) tube holder
1600 (± 90) x g with the 100mm (red) tube holder


The Model 642E is a compact single-speed centrifuge designed to provide the ideal pre-analytic sample processing performance recommended by all collection tube manufacturers. Using patented rotor technology, the 642E reduces blood separation processing times by 33% while minimizing use of valuable counter space for the doctor’s office or lab. The performance of the 642E reduces patient redraws by keeping your patient samples cool during processing, providing a high quality and stable gel layer, and by maximizing sample integrity; it’s no wonder the 642E is the world’s best selling clinical laboratory centrifuge.


Model 642E: Features

    • Electronic timer: Preset to 10 minutes, selectable
    • Capacity: Up to six (6) 17 mm x 100 mm tubes
    • Tube sizes: 0.5mL to 10mL; up to 17mm x 100mm
    • Brushless AC motor: Years of operation with no routine maintenance
    • Quiet operation: A double-encased motor and the “stability mount” design provides excellent imbalance stability
    • Cool operation: Unique design of the convection based cooling system protects the samples even under the heaviest workloads
    • Safety lid switch: Centrifuge will not run with the lid open
    • Footprint: Compact design uses approximately 1 sq. ft. of counter space
    • Automatic Lid Lock: Centrifuge will not run with the lid open, and the lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning
    • Positive lid latching: Firm mechanical latching of the lid prevents the escape of debris
    • Clear shatter proof lid: Allows for safe sample observation and optical calibrations
    • Reinforced Guard Bowl: Provides maximum safety and durability
    • Regulatory approvals: Certified to US, Canadian, and European Safety standards
    • 2 Year Warranty: Certified to US, Canadian, and European Safety standardsHorizontal rotor


  • Blood separation
  • General purpose use

Can the 642E be used with 220 line voltage?
No. If the intended voltage is not a standard 120V, 60Hz supply, then either the 642VES or 642VFD would be the correct choice of centrifuge.

What is the warranty on your centrifuges?
We have a two (2) year parts and labor warranty (except the rotor - see question below).

What is the warranty on the rotor?
All rotors carry a lifetime warranty. Should the rotor ever fail for as long as you own your centrifuge, Drucker Diagnostics will replace it free of charge.

Will I need to purchase accessories for the centrifuge separately?
All of our centrifuges are sold complete with the rotor and tube holders, no additional accessories are necessary.

How often should the centrifuge be calibrated?
We recommend the Centrifuge be calibrated every 2 years.

What should be used to clean and disinfect the 642E?
ONLY isopropyl alcohol, soap and water, or a 10% (5500 PPM) bleach solution should be used for cleaning and disinfection of the centrifuge and accessories. All surfaces must be dried immediately after cleaning and disinfecting.

What cleaning solutions should be avoided?
TBQ Germicidal products should not be used as they will cause damage to the centrifuge and void the warranty. The use of fully/partially halogenated hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, ethers, benzyls, ethyl benzenes, and all other chemicals not prescribed by Drucker Diagnostics should not be used as they may cause damage to the rotor chamber, rotor, tube holders, accessories and centrifuge exterior and void the warranty.



Drucker Diagnostics centrifuges have been used globally for over 80 years. With an installed base of hundreds of thousands of centrifuges, you can be assured that we offer a centrifuge that's right for your application. If you would like references from any of our satisfied customers near you please contact us.