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Q: What type of sample is required for QBC STAR testing?

A: The QBC STAR Tube requires whole blood samples, which can be collected from a capillary finger stick, heel stick, or a venous blood draw. For capillary samples the blood can be collected directly into the QBC STAR Tube, and the use of at least a 1.8mm blade lancet is recommended to obtain adequate blood flow. Users of this method should remember to avoid scraping the STAR Tube against the finger or heel to prevent contamination of the sample with epithelial cells and interstitial fluid. Venous blood draws must be collected in an EDTA anticoagulated tube, at which point the sample can then be transferred to the STAR Tube as shown below. Be sure to invert the EDTA tube 10-15 times prior to filling the STAR Tube to ensure the sample is adequately mixed. Whichever collection method you decide to use, STAR Tubes only require 70μL of whole blood sample, making the collection process a simple and patient friendly option for your laboratory.  

Download the PDF version of the Selecting a Sample Tech Tip here.