Previously QBC Diagnostics and the Drucker Company

Drucker Diagnostics: Delivering Care in Rural Nepal


Fast. Easy. Efficient. Three words used by Possible’s Medical Lab Technologist, Bishnu Kunwar, to describe the Autoread Plus. Possible is a nonprofit healthcare company that delivers high-quality, low-cost healthcare to people in Achham, Nepal. The machine and the regular supply of cuvettes are donated by Drucker Diagnostics (formerly QBC Diagnostics). It has helped Possible to deliver a quality laboratory services in an area with a unique set of social, economic, and logistical challenges.

Patients walk an average of 2.5 hours walk to get to Possible’s Bayalpata hospital. But, many a time the hospital also receives patients from other districts that are a day or two away. With the use of Autoread Plus, patients receive faster results that help doctors to diagnose and provide treatments quickly. This reduces wait time for patients and they are able to return to their homes sooner.

It takes the Lab team about 30 minutes to process 10 tests with this machine whereas a minimum of 30 minutes is required to do one single test through a manual process. According to Bishnu Kunwar, "QBC Autoread Plus delivers quick and accurate results. Our small team of four would not be able to analyze results of 50+ patients every day if we have to use the manual procedure. Because of it, our process is efficient and we are able to deliver quality care to our patients."