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Monitoring Patients using Complete Blood Count Testing

A complete blood count (CBC) test is an important tool used to clinically manage patients with a disease, monitor existing conditions, and to aid in diagnosing illness. For example in patients with dengue fever, the initial flu-like symptoms may be followed by a reduction in platelet production and an increase in the permeability of the capillaries leading to the loss of blood plasma. Successful treatment of dengue is highly dependent on early diagnosis and continual monitoring of the patient throughout the course of the disease. A critical piece of the clinical management of the patient is taking a CBC during the early stages of the disease to establish a baseline and continual, daily monitoring of the patient’s CBC, paying particular attention to hematocrit and platelet levels.

The QBCs' dry hematology analyzers are ideal for monitoring and managing patients suffering from a variety of diseases by delivering fast and precise CBC results that are an essential part of clinically managing the patient’s condition. Use our products for reliable CBC testing results for hematocrit, hemoglobin, MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), platelet count and total white blood cell count, including a two part differential, in the most demanding working environments.  

Why QBC Dry Hematology Analyzers?

The QBC STAR dry hematology analyzers use a unique dry hematology technology to provide fast and reliable CBC results for managing patients with diseases. The QBC STAR can perform an automated CBC analysis using 70 microliters of capillary or venous blood in the QBC STAR Tubes that come dry-coated with all the needed reagents.

Benefits of the QBC Dry Hematology Analyzers include:

  • Ease of use: QBC's dry hematology analyzers streamline the CBC testing process, which makes them simple to train on and ease to use. For clinically managing patients with various diseases including Ebola and Dengue Fever, the QBC STAR allows operators to quickly and easily gather the baseline or on-going monitoring data to improve quality of outcomes.
  • Reduced Bio-hazard Risk: The QBC STAR hematology analyzers are unique because the sample never touches any internal components of the device and the QBC STAR tube is also designed for reduced biohazard risk because the patients’ blood is drawn directly into a capillary tube which is contained inside a polycarbonate sleeve for additional protection. The lower capital cost of the QBC instrument is also beneficial if the device needs to be destroyed due to contamination.
  • Real time results: QBC’s dry hematology analyzers provide real time test results to help healthcare providers clinically manage and monitor patients with various diseases. By providing CBC results in as little as 7 minutes the QBC STAR provides the information where and when it is needed most.

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