Previously QBC Diagnostics and the Drucker Company

Drucker Diagnostics — formerly QBC Diagnostics — offers easy to use point of care haematology analysers for a wide range of applications. All Drucker Diagnostics complete blood count (CBC) analysers employ our patented quantitative buffy coat (QBC) dry haematology technology. Unlike cell flow analysers that require the use of liquid reagents, the QBC STAR and the Autoread Plus analysers provide a 9 parameter CBC from a finger stick, heal stick or venous draw through the use of our specially designed tube.

Drucker Diagnostics offers two main QBC point of care haematology systems — the QBC Star and the QBC Autoread Plus. View the product pages for additional information about either product, or contact our office directly for more information about how switching to a dry haematology analyser can benefit your patients.

The QBC STAR Dry Haematology Analyser

The QBC STAR is simple to use and easy to own. As a powerful complete blood count analyser, the QBC Star measures haematocrit, haemoglobin, platelet count, MCHC (mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration), and total white blood cell count. The QBC STAR also provides clinically important granulocyte and lymphocyte/monocyte count and percentage. Use the QBC as an in-office CBC analyser or as a point of care analyser in urgent care clinics, pediatrics offices, military bases, field hospitals and other remote locations where portability is an asset. The QBC Star features simple one button operation and provides accurate results without the need for calibration.

The Autoread Plus Portable Dry Haematology Analyser

Built for use in demanding field conditions, the Autoread Plus is our most durable haematology analyser. At just eight pounds, it can be easily transported and set up in remote locations, delivering rapid and accurate CBC results. With its ease of use, the Autoread Plus simplifies work for busy doctors and their support staff. To obtain a CBC, simply collect a small amount of blood from either a finger stick, heal stick or venous draw into one of our patented QBC tubes, centrifuge the sample for five minutes and then place the tube in the Autoread Plus reader. In no time at all, the external printer will print the 9 parameter CBC results.

QBC Tubes

All Drucker Diagnostics point of care instruments use our patented QBC tube design. Everything that is needed to process a CBC sample is already contained in the tube. Just fill the tube and place it in the analyzer. After the analysis is complete, simply discard the tube in an approved waste container. No additional flushing or cleaning steps are needed to process the next sample since no liquid reagents are used.

Benefits of Using Drucker Diagnostics Dry Haematology Systems and Analysers

Drucker Diagnostics is unique among haematology analyser companies, as all of our machines use our patented dry haematology technology. Benefits of using our powerful centrifugal hematology system instead of a conventional flow cell or wet analyser system include:

  • Faster results: With less start-up or preparation time, a Drucker Diagnostics haematology analyser promotes faster interventions by delivering clinically important blood work results while the patient remains in the office. No more waiting for external lab results!
  • Improved patient outcomes: A point of care CBC analyser provides immediate insight into the clinical condition of the patient by providing the most critical and used parameters for diagnosis.
  • Maintenance-free design: There’s no reagent to buy, store and clean up. Sample tubes can be disposed immediately after use.

For more information about how a Drucker Diagnostics haematology analyser can improve both the quality of care you offer your patients and the efficiency of your operation, contact our sales team today.