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The QBC Capillary Centrifuge is an ultra-compact centrifuge, designed for centrifuging QBC tubes of patient blood samples for use in the QBC Autoread Plus or Malaria Test systems. In as little as 5 minutes, the QBC Capillary Centrifuge can centrifuge up to 20 samples at one time.

Part Number : 425740

Online Promotional Price: $1,410.00

QBC Capillary Centrifuge

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Interested in learning more about the QBC Capillary Centrifuge? The following is an archive of currently available documents concerning the QBC Capillary Centrifuge:

QBC Capillary Spec SheetProduct Specification Sheet
This sheet contains a wealth of information including operating and safety features and for the QBC Capillary Centrifuge.

QBC Capillary Centrifuge Operators ManualOperator's Manual
The operator's manual for the QBC Capillary Centrifuge.

Autoread Plus Operators ManualAutoread Plus Operator's Manual
The manual for the Autoread Plus, which includes the QBC Capillary Centrifuge as a component.

Malaria Test Product InsertMalaria Test Product Insert
The complete product insert for the QBC Malaria Test, which uses the QBC Centrifuge in its preparation.