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The Mobile version of the world’s best selling horizontal clinical centrifuge. The simple “one-button” operation assures repeatable, reproducible, and high-quality analytic results every time.

Part Number : 642M

Online Promotional Price: $810.00

Model 642M Centrifuge

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642M Data Sheet Product Data Sheet



Operator's Manual Operator's Manual     




SmartView Platform Brochure SmartView Platform Brochure
 Optional accessory for the 6-series Drucker centrifuges improves sight and access to the  rotor chamber and allows for easy  access when placed under the  counter.


642E White Paper White Paper
 A white paper describing sample preparation for overnight storage/sample  transportation using the Model 642M  with the 6-Place horizontal rotor. 



Centrifugation Validation Templates:

Centrifugation Validation_MonoVette Gel Tube


     PDF: Centrifugation Validation_Vacutainer® Gel Tube

     Word File


Centrifugation Validation_Vacuette Gel Tube


     PDF: Centrifugation Validation_Vacuette® Gel Tube

     Word File


Centrifugation Validation_Vacutainer Gel Tube


     PDF: Centrifugation Validation_MonoVette® Gel Tube

     Word File

Declaration of Installation Qualifications for all Drucker Centrifuge Models   Declaration of Installation Qualification


  Voltage 12-24 Volts DC
  Max. Power Requirements 100 Watts
  Over Current Protector Fused - 15 Amps
  Centrifuge Motor 1/30 H.P. DC
  Overall Dimensions

Height: 8.75 in. (22 cm)
Width: 11.75 in. (30 cm)
Depth: 14 in. (35.5 cm)
  Weight 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) 
  Acceleration Time 10 seconds
  Deceleration Time 20 seconds
  Run Timer

Electronic - Programmable from 1 to 30 minutes. Factory preset to 10 minutes.

Speed  3380 (± 100) RPM with the 75mm (green) tube holder
Force 1265 (± 90) x g with the 75mm (green) tube holder

The Model 642M is designed for the Home Health nurse that is on-the-go. While running from a vehicle’s 12V electrical supply, the 642M is designed to provide the ideal pre-analytic horizontal-sample-processing recommended by all blood collection tube manufacturers. Using patented technologies, the 642M reduces blood separation times by 33%; leaving more time to travel to the next appointment and less time waiting for completion of the centrifuge cycle. The unmatched performance of the 642M maximizes sample integrity by keeping your patient samples cool during centrifugation and providing a high quality gel separation layer.

Model 642M: Features

  • Electronic Timer: Preset to 10 minutes for ideal gel separations; selectable from 1-30 minutes for general purpose use.
  • Capacity: Up to six (6) 17 mm x 100 mm tubes
  • 12 Volt DC Motor: For smooth and quiet operation with no routine maintenance
  • Quiet Operation with Low Vibration: Double-encased motor assures quiet performance and low out-of-balance vibration
  • Cool Operation: Unique air-flow design cools the rotor chamber and motor with ambient air; protecting your samples and maximizing sample integrity.
  • Small Footprint: light and compact for easy portability
  • 6 foot cord: Easily reaches the rear of your SUV or sedan
  • Automatic Lid Lock: Centrifuge will not run with the lid open, and the lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning
  • Positive lid latching: Firm mechanical latching of the lid prevents the escape of debris
  • Clear shatter proof lid: Allows for safe sample observation and optical calibrations
  • Reinforced Guard Bowl: Provides maximum safety and durability
  • Regulatory approvals: Certified to US, Canadian, and European Safety standards
  • 2 Year Warranty: Peace of mind that parts, labor, and support are fully covered
Details coming soon!
Details coming soon!