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These tubes can be used with the pipetter to draw samples from venous tubes. Contains 10 boxes of 424240. For use on the Autoread or Autoread Plus.

Part Number : 424237

Online Promotional Price: $3,620.00

QBC Venous Tubes (Box of 1000)

Interested in learning more about the Venous tube? The following is an archive of currently available documents concerning the Venous tube:

Product Literature

Venous Tube User GuideUser Guide
A full color, step-by-step guide to preparing a sample with the Venous Tube. 



Venous Tube Product InsertProduct Insert
The complete product insert for the Venous

The Venous tube contains staining reagents on the inside of the tube, as well as a precision plastic float designed to separate the white blood cell layers (the "buffy coat"), to achieve the dry hematology technology breakthrough.

The Venous tube features a unique, patented technology that allows them to provide the only dry hematology analysis on the market today.

Interested in how the QBC technology works? Click on the video to below for an explanation of the science behind the Venous tube.

QBC Technology

How much blood is required to fill a Venous tube?
The Venous tube requires 111µl of blood.

What dry hematology analyzer can be used with the Accutube?
The Venous tube is designed to work with the Autoread or Autoread Plus.

What collection method should be used for the Venous tube?
The Venous tube can be used with venous blood (EDTA tube).

What type of stopper does it use?
External closure, located in test tray well.

How is the float inserted into the tube?
Floats are external and located in test tray well. Floats can be inserted using plastic forceps or using a gloved hand.

Is an anticoagulant included in tube?