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When the outside temperature falls below zero and when the summer sun is scorching hot, your sensitive blood specimens are vulnerable during storage and transport.

The Drucker SampleSafe™ keeps your specimens safe for hours, even in extreme climates. With an outdoor temperature of 15oF (-9oC), hematology specimen stored in an insulated steel lockbox can freeze and hemolyze in as little as 15 minutes, while the Drucker SampleSafe™ keeps them safe for 4 hours. Whether the pickup driver is held in traffic or slowed by bad road conditions, your specimens will retain their integrity in the Drucker SampleSafe™.

In 100oF (38oC) weather, specimens can stay cool for hours in the Drucker SampleSafe™. Heat exposure that is common in sheet metal lockboxes can damage the tube’s gel separation barrier, cause proteins to precipitate from the plasma, and render your chemistry specimen unusable. For even longer waiting times, the Drucker SampleSafe™ has a separate chamber for optional cold packs to extend specimen viability for a full 8 hours.

The Drucker SampleSafe™ is a must-have for traveling nurses.  Even when stored in hot or cold vehicles during the next house call, the SampleSafe™ protects sensitive blood samples from damages caused by these temperature extremes.  With hot or cold packs, the specimens can stay comfortable for a full day in most circumstances.

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Part Number : 00-071-009-000

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SampleSafe Model LB-10 Lock Box

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1. Unmatched foam insulation properties guarantee the highest sample integrity possible

SampleSafe Cutaway

2. UV and moisture resistant molded design provides years of quality service

3. Separate compartment for cold packs prevent unwanted contact with patient samples

4. Folding carry handle simplifies transport inside or outside

5. Recessed lock protected from ice build up

7. False bottom isolates cold packs from sample6. Optional mounting bracket for securing the SampleSafe





The superior thermal characteristics of the SampleSafe excel in maintaining sample storage temperatures in a variety of different ambient conditions. When used in combination with the optional cooling packs, sample temperatures within the SampleSafe can be safely maintained for up to 10 hours. With the ability to maintain storage temperatures nearly 14 times longer than an insulated steel lock box, the SampleSafe ensures that maximum sample integrity is preserved (See the graph to the right).


SampleSafe with Foam Insulation vs. Insulated Steel Box Temperature Stability

How does the Model LB-10 SampleSafe Lock Box differ from the Model LB-1 SampleSafe Lock Box?
The LB-10 includes injected foam insulation for maximum thermal performance and sample protection.