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Drucker Diagnostics Testimonials


Drucker Diagnostics dry hemtology systems have been in use globally for over 25 years with active installations on every continent, including Antarctica. There are over 15,000 active Drucker Diagnostics hematology systems installed worldwide. If you would like references for any of our innovative solutions from users near you, please contact us.



"We decided to make the change (to the QBC STAR) in January of 2009 and have been very pleased with its performance. Very little training was needed to teach our personnel how to properly use the machine. Additionally, we have had to perform much less routine maintenance on this instrument and there are no daily wet controls."

Scott T. Burger, D.O., Chief Medical Officer, Doctors Express

"I teach Clinical Hematology in the Medical Laboratory Science program at The Ohio State University. For the first time this year, I had the QBC STAR instrument in my laboratory to train students in performing the CBC. The instrument is outstanding: reliable, accurate, easy to use and requires little or no service. In fact, results agreed very closely with the instrument at the medical center, that uses a different methodology. It was delightful to watch the students' faces light up as they read their CBC results for the first time. I highly recommend this instrument for student laboratories as well as for physician offices and clinics. "

Kathy V. Waller, PhD, MLS 
Associate Professor 
Medical Laboratory Science Division 
The Ohio State University


QBC Autoread Plus:


 "Following the earthquake in (January 2010), our clinic lab was inundated with new patients. As a result, we needed a solution for quickly and effectively diagnosing anemia and other diseases. Someone told me about the Autoread Plus, and made a donation so that we could buy the system. I cannot begin to tell you the difference it is making in the accuracy and efficiency of our diagnostics. It is especially marvelous because there is not a tremendous amount of blood to be disposed of. Plus, our charts are such that the lab results can be nicely displayed."

Berry Rice, Director, Clinique Esperance et Vie, Terrier Rouge, Haiti


"With the QBC Autoread, we have been able to increase our overall lab productivity with only minimal maintenance and an impressive amount of convenience. The design of the system in terms of its size and portability is well-suited for rural district hospitals such as ours and enables us to think about not only hospital-based laboratory tests, but also the possibility of carrying our lab equipment to regional sites where their lab capacity may not be as robust as our own, thereby helping to create partnerships and increase health services more broadly throughout the region."
Dan Schwarz, Executive Director, Nyaya Health, Nepal


"The QBC Autoread Plus is a durable workhorse. We've used the unit for about 3 years in remote jungle locations and our newer stationary health clinic in the Bolivian Amazon. The unit provides valid and reliable results, and requires relatively low maintenance. It is also extremely user-friendly. Although we do not have a high patient volume (we average roughly 10 patients per day), the QBC Autoread Plus has outlasted nearly all of our other laboratory equipment. I highly recommend this product for analysis of hematocrit, hemoglobin, platelet count, and differential cell counts."
Michael Gurven, Integrative Anthropological Sciences, Unit Chair, University of California, Santa Barbara